Outsourcing and Outstaffing Solutions
Cut Operating Costs by Hiring Eastern European Contractors
OutsourceWork offers outsource and outstaff services, tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses in the United States, United Kingdom, and Europe.
You can hire the following contractors:
  • Bookkeeping & Data Entry
Accountant, Credit Controller, Accounts Clerk, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchase Ledger, Sales Ledger, Finance Officer, Finance Assistant, Accounts Assistant, Administrative, Bookkeeper, Data Entry Clerk, and more.

  • Sales & Marketing
Data Entry Representative, Sales Representative, Account Management Associate, Sales Operations Associate, Revenue Operations Associate, Partner&Platform Support Coordinator, Sales Support Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Marketing Specialist, Commercial Process, Contract Manager and more.
Bookkeeping & Data Entry
OW's Bookkeepers & Data entry experts take time-consuming tasks off your plate. Our team works by international standards and has program expertise such as Xero, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Zoho, Salesforce, and more. Our contractors have experience in bookkeeping, performing day-to-day financial transactions, collections, cash application, processing accounts payable and receivable transactions, budgeting, bank reconciliation, supplier statement reconciliations, raising PO’s, dealing with supplier queries, client management, filling data in spreadsheets, and other professional back-office tasks. Contractors have strong experience with Google Sheets and Excel.

Sales & Marketing
Build an outsourced team focused on maximizing the performance of your CRM. OW provides businesses with administration, guidance, and continued sales management integration. Our contraсtors have experience with Salesforce, SugarCRM and more. OW offers services as CRM users and/or administrators. OW has specialists in sales and contract management.

How It Works - 4 Simple Steps:
Describe your ideal team: job requirements, desirable skill set, project time frame, etc.
We select the best candidates for your customized OW team and pre-interview them.
Selection & Interview
We pass you the short list of candidates with our notes and help facilitate your interviews.
Project Kickoff
Your focused and highly-effective OW team begins work. You now have more bandwidth and lower costs.
We can help you to work more effectively

Utilize our direct and proven expertise in accounting and finance.
OW was founded by business professionals who have experience supporting businesses of various sizes and stages of growth.

We can help you to reduce operational expenses more than 40%

Request an appointment today to start saving money and time tomorrow.

Our mission is to offer highest-quality outsourcing and hiring services at the lowes costs.

We collaborate with a comprehensive grasp of integrated corporate procedures, methodologies, and moral principles.

Our team of qualified managers are dedicated to recruiting and selecting exceptionally capable and knowledgeable professionals from around the world, a large proportion of whom are from Eastern Europe.

OW takes advantage of thriving and expanding employment sectors, linking adept professionals who are prepared to forge enduring careers within a worldwide economic landscape.
OW Team Members are accessible 24/7.

We will respond to your inquiry within a span of 12 hours.

You have the flexibility to organize your team to operate in alignment with your business hours or asynchronously, enabling tasks such as data entry to be finalized during nighttime hours.
Our invoicing model is based on the hourly rate of the specialists on your customized team. The rates start from $7/hr.

You are provided with a single monthly invoice from OW. OW internally manages all aspects of employee salaries, taxes, and other necessary formalities.
Contact us:
Email/Skype: serhii@outsourcework.uk
+44 7853 803232